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Great service begins and ends with friendly, experienced professionals. Our team applies a human-centered approach to your delivery needs, and we go above and beyond to form lasting relationships with our clients. We complete projects efficiently with reliability and professionalism, which result in on-time delivery solutions when they are needed most.

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Our Services

Medical :

Documents, Records, Supplies/Tools, Small equipment, Lab Specimens, Bloodwork

First Aid Tools
Medical samples with equipment in lab

Legal : Documents

Law Books in the Library

Dental :

Supplies/Tools, Small equipment

Dental Tool Set
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Our vision, is to offer courier services that bridge businesses in various communities and counties, through reliability and professionalism.


Dane Hinds

Founder and CEO

As a mid-level sales professional with more than two decades of client relations, his ability to build and maintain strong customer relationships, has consistently resulted in repeat business and lasting affiliations.


Waiting Time = $10 for 1st 15 min ($1 each addt'l minute)

Wrong Address = $10

Additional Stops in the same building = $10

Overtime = 1.5x Regular Rate (Orders scheduled for pickup/delivery after 6:30 pm )

Saturday/Sunday = 1.5x Regular Rate

Rush Orders = 1.5x Regular Rate (Delivery Deadline)

Hourly Rate = $50/hr (Zones 1, 2, 3 and 4)

Mileage Rate = $1.50/mile + Tolls (Zones 5 and above)

Proof of Delivery = Email with photo confirmation

Zone 1

Zone 5

Zone 4

Zone 2

Zone 3

Contact Us

Get It Delivered, LLC

1150 NW 72nd Street

Tower 1 Suite 455 # 11953

Miami, FL 33126

Tel: 929-949-5006

Email : admin@getitdeliveredgroup.com

Web: https://getitdeliveredgroup.com/

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Law Books in the Library
First Aid Tools
Close-up Photo of Medical Supplies
Dental Tool Set
Medical samples with equipment in lab
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